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Information om A little of Jesus

Bloggen lades upp den 27 mars 2012.

A little of Jesus - http://alittleofjesus.wordpress.com

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Blogg på engelska med mest citat från Bibeln och vissa andra ställen, och några egna tankar. Med fina bilder på Jesus, och foton jag tagit själv.

Inriktning: Bibel & teologi
Taggar: jesus   king-james bible   bibeln   gud   tankar   citat  
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Senaste inläggen från bloggen

Starkindler – How God made the stars to guide us to Him

Postad lördagen den 7 november 2015 10:07
One of my favourite songs, sung by Michael Card   A billion bright and holy beams Of a light that’s traveled far Began the trip from His fingertips The wonder of the stars Affirm the signs and seasons So silently they sing Of the wonder of their kindler Of the power of their king Oh […]

For mammi – In Celabration of a Wonderful Life

Postad söndagen den 31 maj 2015 16:14
I couldn’t be with you today on Mother’s Day, but you shall have a cake anyway… :-) A million hugs to the best mother in the world!Filed under: Media -- music-videos Tagged: entertainment, God, jesus, life, lifestyle, love, media, mother, mother's day, music, videos, youtube

Holy Spirit’s Descent – The Movie

Postad lördagen den 23 maj 2015 19:20
Filed under: Media -- movies Tagged: bible, Christ, christianity, church, entertainment, faith, God, jesus, lifestyle, media, pentecost, religion, theology, videos, youtube

Holy Spirit – A playlist for Pentecost

Postad lördagen den 23 maj 2015 17:51
Click to watch directly on youtube: https://youtu.be/5_TOOXRpn8w?list=PLALiezNEIC9ZKjkcMdJ1hBpDjXW5A-aCk  Filed under: Media -- music-videos, music-videos, Prayers, Songs Tagged: bible, christianity, church, entertainment, God, jesus, life, lifestyle, love, music, pentecost, prayer, religion, videos, youtube


Postad torsdagen den 21 maj 2015 21:42
Thankful, sung by Josh Groban Somedays, we forget to look around us, Somedays, we can’t see the joy that surrounds us, So caught up inside ourselves, We take when we should give, So for tonight we pray for, What we know can be, And on this day we hope for, What we still can’t see, […]

He Comes to Us One Unknown

Postad tisdagen den 12 maj 2015 16:00
We have no terms today which can express what he means for us. He comes to us one unknown, without a name, as of old, by the lakeside, he came to those men who did not know who he was. He says the same words, ‘Follow me!’ and sets us to those tasks, which he […]

How to Read the Bible

Postad måndagen den 11 maj 2015 11:56
God speaks to us in different ways, and is no respecter of persons. But curiosity often hinders us in the reading of the Scriptures, for we try to examine and dispute over matters that we should pass over and accept in simplicity. If you desire profit, read with humility, simplicity and faith, and have no […]

Give Me Your Eyes, Give Me Your Love for Humanity

Postad söndagen den 3 maj 2015 15:42
“Give Me Your Eyes” by Brandon Heath Looked down from a broken sky Traced out by the city lights My world from a mile high Best seat in the house tonight Touched down on the cold black top Hold on for the sudden stop Breathe in the familiar shock Of confusion And chaos All those […]

To Receive Jesus

Postad torsdagen den 26 mars 2015 14:17
Originally posted on Blessed sound. At Jesus Holy Feet:I received You In despair I received You In loneliness I received You In fear I received You In hopelessness I received You In sorrow I received You In pain I received You In longing So this is my Walking with You My Lord This is…

Selfrighteous Fools

Postad torsdagen den 19 mars 2015 20:11
Originally posted on Blessed sound. At Jesus Holy Feet:“Unless you see signs and wonders, you will not believe.” John 4:48 You want to see Otherwise you don’t Believe If you see You still don’t Believe Because it is Too fantastic Not possible What Jesus did So you don’t Believe Anyway Welcome t [...]

Meaning Of Life

Postad fredagen den 13 mars 2015 21:34
Originally posted on Blessed sound. At Jesus Holy Feet:What is the meaning of life? The meaning is To become a Garden In heart and soul Where God can walk around Pleasantly Enjoying the flowers To become a Garden Where Jesus will rest And dream sweet dreams To become a Garden Where the wind Of…

All glories to “Narahari”, the man-God

Postad torsdagen den 12 mars 2015 20:01
How long haven’t I longed for this kind of music, and now my mom found it! The perfect fusion of Classical Indian music, culture and language, with western music and Jesus! Music by Aradhna Lyrics by Ashish Alexander, Raman Singh and Aradhna To support the slum school, Asha Deep Vidyashram, in Varanasi, where this film […]

Sentient beings

Postad lördagen den 7 mars 2015 16:28
Another moving one: Filed under: Media, Media -- movies Tagged: animals, bible, dream, God, jesus, life, lifestyle, light, love, media, mercy, peace, suffering, videos, youtube

we are lovesick

Postad söndagen den 15 februari 2015 17:28
And yet another great wonderful superb (or what do I call it?) song by the simply wonderful Misty Edwards Filed under: Media -- music-videos Tagged: art, bible, Christ, christianity, entertainment, faith, God, jesus, life, love, media, music, truth, videos, youtube

feel it all like a love letter to the One you will live with forever

Postad lördagen den 14 februari 2015 12:21
Another great wonderful superb (or what do I call it?) song by the simply wonderful Misty Edwards Official music video for the title track from Misty Edwards’ new album, Little Bird. Get it now at: http://bit.ly/1BfpVF0 LYRICS Little girl, little girl with the big round eyes Little bird, little bird, one day you’ll fly A breathtaki [...]

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