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Information om Building Bridges.....

Bloggen lades upp den 7 april 2011.

Building Bridges..... - http://majo-frog.blogspot.com

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A way to connect and to build bridges!

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Postad söndagen den 16 juli 2017 21:42
Rather many years ago I got some documents from my grandfather. It was tax papers, marriage documents, Estate inventory etc. way back in time.It was very interesting. I got names and birth dates from ancestors generations back.I started to do some genealogy.My father was born 1943, he had a brain damage back in 1985, so since he is not that reliabl [...]


Postad lördagen den 1 juli 2017 10:25
Leaders who always defend themself in stressed situations, can be an insecured leader.There are sayings that people who never does a mistakes never really do anything, and a ship is biult to cruise the hard waves not to sit in a safe harbour.I've recently met and been exposed with leaders, who no matter what happen always defend themself. I've had [...]


Postad söndagen den 28 maj 2017 22:23
People crying, people terrified.New York,San Bernadine,London,Manchester,Jerusalem, Tel Aviv,Paris, Niece, Brussels, Ankara, Istanbul, Stockholm, Kenya,Copenhagen, Oslo, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Moscow,Amsterdam, India, Iraq, Germany, China, Syria, Kuwait,Nigeria,I can make the list longer.Terrible terrorist attacks, innocent people killed.We [...]

Administration or not!

Postad onsdagen den 10 maj 2017 15:21
A church must be operated “decently and in order” (I Corinthians 14:40).For this to happen there must be administration.This is not for one man to do, it is a real team work But as in every team there has to be ONE leader in charge. Of course, this ONE leader in charge is the pastor.So what is the role of a Pastor? is that to be a admin [...]


Postad måndagen den 8 maj 2017 11:30
Some years ago I read the book " everyone communicates, but few connect" by John Maxwell.A very interesting and helpful book.It is true that there is a distinct difference between communicating and connecting and not everyone thinks about , connecting.It is also true that communication is not only what you say, it is also what you are not saying.We [...]


Postad lördagen den 6 maj 2017 09:51
Some say as a Christian you should not become political in your reasoning's.I really wonder where this comes from!?For me politics is very import and, so is my Christian faith. I really Think Christians should get more involved in politics but perhaps not support and work in specific political parties.If we for instance look at Sweden, who very ear [...]


Postad tisdagen den 2 maj 2017 18:51
Today my friend Kirk spoke at our service at church on Joseph.He had many questions for us and the first two were:•Q#1: What is the worst thing that you have ever done to someone else? •Q#2: What is the worst thing that someone else has ever done to you?We were not supposed to anserw them during the service, but to write them down, take t [...]


Postad måndagen den 24 april 2017 08:26
Some month ago I did a huge job in my office. I spend rather many hours programming, moved a lot of equipment etc so that it should be easier for people to work.It took me 3 Days doing so, and after almost one week I did not get any feedback.When we had some coffee I talked to my colleague and he said: " if you hear nothing, that means they are hap [...]

Good Friday

Postad onsdagen den 19 april 2017 09:48
Easter has passed!At Church we had a peaceful and warm Good Friday service. A time to reflect!As I see it: We very often (I) want and Think that we are Simon of Cyrene, that we are Walking with Jesus and that we are carrying the cross. Often instead we turn out to be Simon Peter, that is denying Him, and not Carry's the cross.Then lead us back o Go [...]


Postad onsdagen den 19 april 2017 09:43
April 13, 2017, Don Moen had a worship meeting in my Church here i Malmo Sweden.It was not our Church that arrange the meeting, some churches in Copenhagen did, but still in my Church.I say My Church since it is here I serve, it is here I worship, it is in this Church I have my friends and family.The worship service was very nice in many ways but i [...]


Postad lördagen den 25 februari 2017 09:26
There is an Italian proverb saying: "Meglio sola che male accompagnata", "better to be alone than in a bad Company"That might be trueIn churches we very often say to each other, sometimes even from the pulpit that "come as you are, come with your burdens, you are safe here, no one is perfect, you are loved, it's a tough world out there" etc.Ta [...]


Postad torsdagen den 2 februari 2017 20:29
Over 250 years ago the Swedish king at that time signed a new law for freedom of speech and freedom of press. The first time in history and the first country in the World.We still can enjoy this great freedom in Sweden together with the freedom to practise any religion.It is true we have all this freedoms in our constitution but when it comes to me [...]

Yet again, leaving!

Postad tisdagen den 17 januari 2017 10:27
Again and again we read in the newspapers that people in Sweden are leaving the Church.During 2016, 80.000 people left the Church, a record high.In the past as soon as you were born or became a Swedish resident you were automatically a member in the Swedish state Church. That's not the case anymore.Lots of peole are not becoming members since they [...]


Postad torsdagen den 15 december 2016 13:17
During the annual Malmo festival in August we as a Church Always are on the streets to hand out tracts. To plant seed, but also to talk to people, pray for them and show that we care. We would love to do this during Christmas as well the hard part is that its so dark so people wont be able to read or see what we hand out butno matter what people in [...]


Postad fredagen den 9 december 2016 21:04
DiversityI hear it all the time, Diversity.We hear it from the media, from organisations, from politicians."We are a diverse country", "We are a diverse Company" etcWe Heard it very recently at a theatre in USA when vice president elected Mike Pence came in, "This is the Diverse America you see in front of you"Yes America is diverse, Sweden is div [...]

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