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Bloggen lades upp den 11 juni 2014 av Malin Karlsson.

Mitt Bokliga Liv - http://mittbokligaliv.com

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En kedjeläsande boknörds läsäventyr. En blogg om böcker, varav en del handlar om kristendomen.

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Senaste inläggen från bloggen

Islamism in prison

Postad lördagen den 26 maj 2018 10:05
British Sargon of Akkad doesn’t dare to report on Tommy Robinsons imprisonment since there’s a risk of being arrested. So he talks about islamists in british prisons. I can mention that the same problem exist in Sweden and I read in a paper some time ago that prisons search for non-radical imams. It implies that […]

Armed man shot by police

Postad lördagen den 26 maj 2018 09:19
The police in Täby, north of Stockholm, shot a man in the leg who was aiming a shogun at the policestation. This happens early this morning. The man was wearing a protective helmet and vest. The man said he was wearing a bombbelt, but specialists examined it and says that was not the case.

New Stockholm-syndrome

Postad lördagen den 26 maj 2018 07:51
David Woods defines the wests relationship with islam and why many defend this ideology even though it’s full of contempt for outsiders.

Tommy Robinson imprisoned

Postad fredagen den 25 maj 2018 21:39
The UK have once again proved how authoritarian and against free speech they are by sentencing Tommy Robinson to 13 months in prison. Lauren gives you the details.

Islamicize me: day 9

Postad fredagen den 25 maj 2018 15:07

The Muslim Brotherhood in the west

Postad fredagen den 25 maj 2018 15:03
This is an Israeli series in five parts about how the Muslim Brotherhood work in the west to futher their agenda. VladTepesBlog have released two parts. It’s scary, but important to see. Part one and part two.

Female security guard threatened for speaking

Postad fredagen den 25 maj 2018 13:15
In Karlskrona a female security guard were surrounded by four men when she was making her rounds at a school. It happened on sunday evening around eight o’clock after the guard had adressed on of the men. One of them said that she wasn’t allowed to do that and that their own mothers wasn’t permitted […]

Shake hands?

Postad fredagen den 25 maj 2018 13:07
Yesterday I read a tweet by a male police about a situation with his female collegue where a man from another profession refused to shake her hand. She was the one in charge. In the end they filed a complaint, but the diskussion that followed on twitter was interesting. The politically correct ones, who I […]

Islamicize me: day 8

Postad torsdagen den 24 maj 2018 11:08

Low polls for the Socialdemocrats

Postad torsdagen den 24 maj 2018 10:19
Elections to the swedish riksdag, city and county councils are taking place this september and new polls now show major changes compared to how people have usually voted. The Swedish Social Democratic Party (S) only got 25,2% and this is the lowest support they have ever gotten. (S) have always been the biggest party in Sweden […]

Islam & FGM

Postad torsdagen den 24 maj 2018 06:04
A new report shows that there were more than 5 000 reports of FGM, Female Genital Mutilation, recorded between 2016 and 2017 in the UK. Nobody has been prosecuted. Download the report here for free. FGM are one of the new problems that we now have to handle in the west since immigrants bring it with […]

Inadequate investigation after car kills three teens

Postad onsdagen den 23 maj 2018 21:17
Three boys were hit by a car and killed and the police said it was a drunk driver. But the parents didn’t think what the police told them added up.

Ramadan tents fuel anger in Paris

Postad onsdagen den 23 maj 2018 18:23
The neigbourhood Sevran in Paris is mostly populated by migrants and during ramadan tents have been erected for praying. The court now orders one of the associations to take down their tents since they are placed in a private car park.  If the tents aren’t taken down by tuesday 29/5 the owners will have to […]

Interrogated by police because of satire

Postad onsdagen den 23 maj 2018 15:20
Jan Sjunnesson, author, journalist and teacher, were called to the police to be interrogated accused of hets mot folkgrupp (persecution of ethnic groups) beacause of two satire book covers that he had posted on his facebook page 30/9 2017. In his youth Jan was an active communist concerned about the welfare of refugees, but I […]

Islamicize me: day 7

Postad onsdagen den 23 maj 2018 10:37

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