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Morning and evening addresses on life in Christ.

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Postad söndagen den 12 september 2021 09:52
103. Så snart vi låter « Du Herre lever nu, inte jag » vara vad vi är och därmed gör, så blir detta en total sanning om all existens: att allt du ser är Gud i arbete, liksom allt du inte kan se, oändligt mycket större. Såsom i himlen SÅ PÅ JORDEN ! Det finns ingen plats…

Postad lördagen den 4 september 2021 09:27

12. Morning address

Postad söndagen den 22 december 2013 17:25
You go to India, then Japan, then back to Europe to find enlightened teachers, you shift from one to the other. It’s all external religion. Christ died from that and you actually died with Him. Instead of knowing this you read all the books and watch all the shows. Same thing as the young man…

11. Evening address

Postad lördagen den 21 december 2013 16:20
  Many seekers today search in buddhism and hinduism. But this always get complicated. There is a parish where you live, you know. Why not go there, hear the Word and get liberated that way? I am always surprised that people learn a lot of sanskrit terms. They try to understand the cosmologies from other…

10. Morning address

Postad lördagen den 21 december 2013 16:00
  I hear you sometimes discuss what particular action or thought is a sin. In the Catholic Church distinctions are made between venial and mortal sin. But already in distraction there is sin. Dimming the loving clarity in life. It is actually one additional intellectual sin to make distinctions between sins, as if you knew…

9. Morning address

Postad lördagen den 21 december 2013 07:44
  When I was a teenager I got caught up in a criminal gang. We organized stealing trips. It was a criminal life, a major distraction for me. A dream of fear, worry and pains for my mother. But when Christ drew me to Him it all just went up in the air. That’s why…

8. Morning address

Postad lördagen den 21 december 2013 07:23
  Some of you have asked many times why Christ says at one time that no one is good except God, therefore don’t call anyone good. But what is the problem? What you imagine to bee good is just disappearing movements of your little mind, just fantasies. That is what Christ means and that is…

7. Morning address

Postad fredagen den 20 december 2013 21:20
  One of you said that all the Gospels could be just fantasies. Good. That is true. In your head all is fantasy, or most of it anyway. So when you imagine things about the Gospels being fake or lies, it is your egocontent that runs you. Try to come from the other angle. What…

6. Evening address

Postad fredagen den 20 december 2013 19:45
  Since I had to study various religious philosophies to become a teacher I discovered what you can do with language and imagery. Every culture has those images and stories and systems of beliefs. Christianity was more of a crisis cult to start with – the end of the world was very near ! This…

5. Morning address

Postad fredagen den 20 december 2013 19:41
  So what about conversion? To shift from an agnostic to a believer? Is it not a process in time? Is not awakening? Realization? Years of meditation and prayer? We have to ponder that a little.   Becoming the “new man” means that all imagining goes and Christ is real instead. There is no time…

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