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Postad fredagen den 17 juli 2020 14:56
We are living in uncertain times. Some countries are opening up their borders now, lifting lock-downs but still people are suffering from the coronavirus.God is sovereign and he controls the universe. He is certainly in charge of all the things that are going on.Some say that this pandemic might be an alarm call over our beliefs and behaviour, our [...]


Postad söndagen den 7 juni 2020 18:29
Lord Jesus I come to You because when I look at the hard times that we are facing – my heart seems to fail as I don’t know which way to turn – except to You. Thank You that You have always been there for me and thank Youfor the promises that you will always be there for me.__Keep me from fear of what tomorrow may bring, knowing t [...]

Love your neighbour

Postad fredagen den 16 augusti 2019 13:34
I'm reading the book "simply Jesus" by N.T Wright He is asking himself and us some questions.Who was Jesus?Why did he do the things he did?How can we be sure?etc.Jesus was, and still is not easy to understand. Mark 12:30-31 30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.&rsquo [...]

Evangelism 2

Postad tisdagen den 6 augusti 2019 12:25
I found so many great mtrl out there on why and I have to post it for you...WHY SHOULD WE EVANGELIZE? - God Is Not Willing That Anyone Should Perish2 Peter 3:9 New Testament for Everyone (NTE) 9 The Lord is not delaying his promise, in the way that some reckon delay, but he is very patient towards you. He does not want anyone to be destroye [...]

Evangelism 1

Postad tisdagen den 6 augusti 2019 12:10
Evangelism is not a word I have heard often at churches in the past few years. Why should we do it?Why don't we see so much about it?What does the Bible say?How to do it? Did you know that young adults, age between 20–30 in Sweden who say they believe in God is about 18%. In Denmark, a country very close the figure is 34%.Why is that so?Accor [...]

Odd or!?

Postad måndagen den 7 januari 2019 21:48
There are many traditions during new year in Sweden, some strange, some not that strange, and some odd.We dress up, we have party's, we drink champagne, we do fire works. Pretty normal. Some Stays at church and pray during the night, some like us stayed at an dog friendly hotel together with 50-60 other dog families. ( dog friendly = no fire works) [...]

The colours that dissapaired

Postad onsdagen den 26 december 2018 13:09
When I was a child we had a black and White TV, with at the time only two TV channels. I know that its hard to imagine for the younger generation, even so I'm not that old,things changes very fast.So sometimes when we saw a film it was hard to imagine what colours a dress had or so on, and I remember in 1974 for the World cup in football Germany, m [...]

Forget Jesus?

Postad onsdagen den 19 december 2018 15:16
Forget Jesus!That's what I read in the newspaper this morning.The article refers to whats going on at the theatres this Christmas.Tage Danielsson was a very famous comedian, who wrote a story about a a boy who is growing up in a rich family. He gets a temporary job at the post office but takes the presents from the rich and gives to the poor.That s [...]


Postad tisdagen den 31 juli 2018 15:02
Some times, at some churches, in some places it might be difficult to get people to Church.Perhaps in Sweden particularly, but I have to say the churches are not that empty and dying as some may say.Some churches just goes on like never before. Others might pray more, sharing more about the truth of Jesus Christ, as we are doing, but then some chur [...]


Postad torsdagen den 26 juli 2018 11:28
Some Days ago the former US president Obama made a speech in South Africa, mentioned the Power of diversity.Journalists said it was a brilliant speech.I did not hear all of his speech but I do not agree that diversity is powerful.It is easy to be diverse. My neighbourhood is very diverse. There are people from many different cultures living here. [...]


Postad söndagen den 15 april 2018 22:22
Rather often you hear people present themselves in the Church World as Pastors, Priests, Bishops, Church leaders, Elders, etc.I have never heard anyone present themselves as St Paul used to present himself in his letters:In Romans 1 he says: Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus ( NIV)in NTE it says: Paul, a slave of King JesusVery seldom, or should I b [...]


Postad söndagen den 14 januari 2018 19:26
Last year 2017, was a dark year concerning persecutions against Christians.We are not surprised to read in the papers about attacks against churches and Christians in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan. Iraq and North Korea, but this year we have seen this happened in many other places as well.In Egypt Christians and churches has frequently been attacked and m [...]

Biblical correct

Postad onsdagen den 20 september 2017 08:30
For some years now I have read books by the famous new testament scholar and professor N.T Wright.I have done some classes online and even met him when he last were here in Sweden in 2013.His new perspective on Paul is both interesting, refreshing and in one way confusing.The Bible is a living book, the more you read and study it, more and more yo [...]

Let the little children.............

Postad tisdagen den 19 september 2017 07:09
Some Days ago we were in Lund, a university city close to where we live. In Lund there is a big cathedral from the 10th Century. There are many tourists and others visiting and especially at this time since it was a cultural day in all of Lund.Many special happenings in the cathedral such as music, prayers and story tellings for the children.As I e [...]


Postad måndagen den 18 september 2017 11:33
In Sweden we just had an election to the Church! In this election you can vote for many different organisations and political parties that later on will dictate what kind of Church the Swedish Lutheran Church will be like.Strange since the state and Church was separated years ago.In the secular society we have here today, politicians have for many [...]

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