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God opens doors 2

Postad onsdagen den 13 september 2023 19:37
An aquentence said one morning that he is not an atheist more than a agnostic, but more and more he he is thankful for what Christians has done to this nation and to the western world.  He said he is aware that a lot to be thankful for is for what the Christians has done. He then told me a story that he thought was so emotional and I will recite [...]

God opens doors 1

Postad måndagen den 11 september 2023 20:20
Many people park in handicap parking without being handicapped. Usually we don’t say anything but this time my wife just asked the couple if they were handicapped. If not it would be inappropriate to park there. The woman got very angry. She said her husband had cancer in all his body and she hoped that my wife would get cancer too.    We bo [...]

Swedish weather

Postad fredagen den 21 april 2023 21:58
 Today I did what is perhaps the most forbidden thing in Sweden, I wore a hat even though it was sunny and about 15C outside.  Yep, that's right. Swedes generally believe that you should dress how you want. If you want, you can wear a t-shirt when it's cold outside, that's OK.  If you want to wear a skirt if you are a man, that's OK. But bewar [...]

Merry Christmas

Postad söndagen den 18 december 2022 20:45
  Christmas is, first and foremost, about Love, God's Love.How much does God love us? God loves us so much that God gave us the most precious gift imaginable, Jesus, God's own Son. That's the heart of Christmas. (John 3:16) Christmas is a time of renewal, of fresh starts and coming together. I hope that this Christmas will bring you joy and peace [...]


Postad tisdagen den 29 november 2022 15:39
 Celebrating Advent involves spending time in spiritual preparation. The word advent comes from the Latin word adventus meaning "arrival" or "coming," particularly the coming of something of great importance. No one is really sure when Advent was first celebrated but it dates back to at least 567 when monks were ordered to fast during December le [...]

Small birds

Postad torsdagen den 13 oktober 2022 08:48
 For many years, the number of small birds in our residential areas declined.  Nobody really knows why. Could be pesticides, habitats for the birds, etc. But then a few years ago the small birds came back.  Last year we had a record number of nesting pairs of tawny owls, blue tits, chaffinch and house sparrows. Also a lot of robins. Last win [...]

Shootings 4

Postad lördagen den 27 augusti 2022 09:32
I don't want to be snarky, but even more shootings. The title is shootings 4, but it's not at all shooting no 4 in Sweden. The number is way higher. I don't have the exact number but I think 47 people are shot dead this year so far. Every day when you open your ipad to read the news, you are met with terrible images. Yesterday, a mother and her [...]

Shootings 3

Postad torsdagen den 25 augusti 2022 14:36
Now it has happened again. Another person shot dead in my town. Unfortunately, it happens daily in Sweden, but this time it was unfortunately a step further. A man was shot dead, on a Friday afternoon in a crowded shopping center. The perpetrator was only 15 years old. A passing tourist was hit and is seriously injured. 100's of people became wi [...]

Door bell

Postad tisdagen den 16 augusti 2022 20:34
Nobody is knocking at my door. When I was a child, the doorbell rang often. Neighbors who needed to borrow sugar or flour. Friends who wanted to go out and play hockey or football.  Often it could be salespeople. Vacuum cleaners, insurance, art, etc.  It also happened that Jehovah's witnesses knocked, and once there were two well-dressed guys wh [...]

Old churches

Postad måndagen den 1 augusti 2022 15:28
  I love old churches. The history, the architecture, the art and the people behind the church itself and the society there and then. In Sweden and Skåne county we have many medieval churches. Many have unfortunately been demolished or rebuilt to accommodate a growing congregation. This happened especially in the 19th century. Unfortunately, [...]

Serious errors about Christian faith in textbooks

Postad måndagen den 4 juli 2022 13:08
When I went to school, just like now, we had religion teaching, not Christian teaching like when my parents went to school. In the relatively few hours during a school year, today's students will devote these hours to all the major religions. I have noticed when talking to younger people that they lack basic knowledge of what Christianity stands f [...]

Worthless debates

Postad fredagen den 1 juli 2022 10:31
Right now there is a debate in Sweden  about "Religious schools" should be alowed or not.  In Sweden so called religious school are not that religious, they need to follow the curriculum and other laws. But there are some religious schools that are a problem, but as usual instead of dealing with them, they judge all schools as equal bad. Alm [...]

The stumbling block

Postad fredagen den 24 juni 2022 15:32
  I rather recently read an article  by one of our best known historians here in Sweden named Dick Harrisson, who also used to be my sons professor in History at Lunds university.  The headline was :"There is a militant anti-Jesus current in our society"  Some say that he never existed. He is a fairitale figure. Harrisson has just writ [...]


Postad fredagen den 29 april 2022 11:00
Sad to say but recently we had riots here in Sweden. A right wing politician from Denmark, came  to burn the Quran. Many people were angry and the results were burning police cars, injured police officers etc. Freedom of speech is very strong but in order to reach muslims, burning the Quran is not the way, even though throwing rocks is not th [...]


Postad tisdagen den 26 april 2022 20:54
 The Resurrection of Christ is the basis of our Christian Faith, it proves that Jesus is God.   Paul writes: (I Cor 15:14, 17, 20) 14 and if the Messiah hasn’t been raised, our royal proclamation is empty, and so is your faith.  17 and if the Messiah wasn’t raised, your faith is pointless, and you are still in your sins.  20 But in fact [...]

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