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The stumbling block

Postad fredagen den 24 juni 2022 15:32
  I rather recently read an article  by one of our best known historians here in Sweden named Dick Harrisson, who also used to be my sons professor in History at Lunds university.  The headline was :"There is a militant anti-Jesus current in our society"  Some say that he never existed. He is a fairitale figure. Harrisson has just writ [...]


Postad fredagen den 29 april 2022 11:00
Sad to say but recently we had riots here in Sweden. A right wing politician from Denmark, came  to burn the Quran. Many people were angry and the results were burning police cars, injured police officers etc. Freedom of speech is very strong but in order to reach muslims, burning the Quran is not the way, even though throwing rocks is not th [...]


Postad tisdagen den 26 april 2022 20:54
 The Resurrection of Christ is the basis of our Christian Faith, it proves that Jesus is God.   Paul writes: (I Cor 15:14, 17, 20) 14 and if the Messiah hasn’t been raised, our royal proclamation is empty, and so is your faith.  17 and if the Messiah wasn’t raised, your faith is pointless, and you are still in your sins.  20 But in fact [...]

Merry Christmas or!

Postad tisdagen den 21 december 2021 15:34
Christian persecution has been going on for centuries. In the Roman empire, christians were slaughtered. Jesus said that: You will be hated for my name sake. I will send you out as lambs to the wolves. In many parts of the world today, Christians are still killed for their faith. Open Doors has a list with the most dangerous places on earth for [...]

Elections, Again!

Postad fredagen den 26 november 2021 12:36
Election time to the Swedish church. I wrote about this in 2013 and in 2017. Nothing really has changed. The Church of Sweden is a Lutheran national church. A former state church, that was separated from the state in the year 2000. The church has just under 5.8 million members by the end of 2020, it is the largest Christian denomination in Swed [...]

The love of God in the OT

Postad fredagen den 26 november 2021 12:35
Rather often do I hear that "I do belive in God, but not the angry and punishing God as we see in the old testament, I ratherbelive in the loving and caring God in the new testament" I read exactly this kind of thinking in the newspaper today and I just wanted to say that it is not true that God in the old testament is angry and harsh. We see stor [...]

Let us pray

Postad lördagen den 28 augusti 2021 18:10
For some weeks now we have seen the horrible scenes from Afghanistan. The Talibans took over the whole country in a very short time. The other day the islamic State conducted an unbelievable horrible attack on innocent people, killing so many and wounding even more. Should the American forces leave Afghanistan? Should they leave right now?Should [...]

Shootings 2

Postad onsdagen den 28 juli 2021 17:38
As I recently said in my blog, Sweden has the most shootings in all of Europe. This increase in shootings has been on since 2013, and escalated in 2016. Almost all shootings are in the criminal world, between different gangs, but recently innocent people have become victims. Even though the police capture many of these gang members the violence [...]


Postad tisdagen den 27 juli 2021 15:27
Did you know that trees can grow and become very tall? Well in California, USA there are trees that are so big that instead of cutting them down, they made a road through some of them. Did you know that trees can become very old? Well in my county of Skane ,Sweden there is an oak tree that is 1000 years old. It was a young tree when the battle [...]


Postad torsdagen den 22 juli 2021 10:46
Sweden has the most shootings in all of Europe. in 2020 we had 366 shootings, 47 dead and 117 wounded At the same time we had 107 detonations and numerous of robbery and rape. Scare numbers and highest in Europe. Almost everyday there is a shooting and almost every time someone gets shot, killed or wounded. Recently the shootings have taken pl [...]


Postad måndagen den 19 juli 2021 11:09
Covid 19 came and changed the way we do church in a way. For over one year now we have not been able to meet and do church. We have not been able to see eachother face to face, to hug eachother, to lay hands, to pray. Glad to say is that we anyway have been able to come to our congregation with a sermon every Sunday via the platform zoom, and [...]

Go lads

Postad lördagen den 17 juli 2021 15:41
As I wrote in my latest blog post the European cup is over. I don't know if you watches or if so, who you were cheering for. As a Swedish guy I of cause was cheering for Sweden. I also loved the Italian team, for the way they played football and for the team spirit they had. Very seldom do I cheer for England, but this time, with this team I coul [...]

Speak up

Postad lördagen den 17 juli 2021 14:11
European cup in football is over. Italy won the final over England, the two best teams in the cup if you ask me. It went to penalty shoot out and England lost ( as always)Sad to say the hours and days after was full of hate and racism against some of the English players. But we can look back on great and exiting matches. Often in football you s [...]


Postad onsdagen den 23 december 2020 20:17
I AM The Good Shepherd Silent night, Holy night All is calm, all is bright. Mary was pretty young, perhaps as young as 12-13 years old. No experience. Mary and Josef was not in a sterile hospital with a number of nurses around. King Herod was ruling the country at this time and he let his brutal soldiers kill every little boy child up to two ye [...]

The light

Postad söndagen den 13 december 2020 17:25
I love the Christmas lights.   Every year my family and I have a tradition of putting up Christmas lights.  Have you ever asked yourself why we do all this work, to put all these lights up for Christmas? When did it start? What is the purpose of it?  I know it looks nice, but is that the only reason? Is it just to spread some Christmas cheer? C [...]

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