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Bloggen lades upp den 25 oktober 2018.

Presents of God -

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Kristna profetior matchas mot dokumenterade historiska beskrivningar som avslöjar antikrists identitet, mål och planer.

Matching Christian Prophecies with Documented Historic Records to Expose Antichrists Identity,
Desires, and Plans.

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The Pope, Sunday Laws & Climate Change

Postad fredagen den 20 september 2019 22:45
In the Pope's most recent invite unto all the leaders of the world to a gathering on May 14, 2020 he stated the following. "In my Encyclical Laudato Si’, (LAW DAH […]

Senator Boasts of Disobeying God on Camera

Postad fredagen den 13 september 2019 21:37
NOW ON VIDEO HEADLINES UPDATED 09-16-19 If you check this video out I am sure it will shock some of you and sadly I am also sure some may not even […]

Why YOU Should Promote the Original Writings

Postad onsdagen den 4 september 2019 21:01
The question has arisen that asks, why promote the original books of Ellen White? Why is it so important? Why not use the ones the SDA leaders promote? Well, sister […]

Why is Sunday the Mark?

Postad onsdagen den 28 augusti 2019 22:16
There is nowhere in the Bible a more deliberate illustration of the importance of God’s holy law than in the Most Holy Place of the Sanctuary that is actually a […]

The Kellogg File

Postad onsdagen den 21 augusti 2019 22:00
Just so you know, I am not associated with in any way other than Christian friendship and I do not make any money at all by promoting the original […]

Muslims now worship Mary

Postad fredagen den 16 augusti 2019 18:48
After I did the video about the one world church I got to thinking; years ago I did a video wherein I showed an exMuslim who decided to leave the […]

SDA Pastors Mock the Lord on Camera

Postad onsdagen den 14 augusti 2019 20:49
What you're about to see are a series of short video clips of SDA pastors standing in prayer before the people with hands down or closed. Yes, I did a […]

SDA Changed GC to Teach Jesuit Second Coming

Postad fredagen den 9 augusti 2019 22:09
NOTICE: The 1888 and 1911 Great Controversy share a false prophetic message from a man named "Dr. Joseph Wolff" who is nowhere to be found in the original 1884 Great […]

Jesuit Magazine Makes ‘Catholic Case for Communism’

Postad fredagen den 26 juli 2019 22:58
"The Jesuit flagship publication in the United States, America magazine, has published an article defending Marxism and comparing the murderous, atheist ideology to Christianity. In “The Catholic Case for Communism,” America writer Dean […]

 SDAs Prophesied to worship their Pastors

Postad fredagen den 19 juli 2019 23:04
If you read the chapter titled "The Scriptures a Safeguard" in the 1884 GC you will see that it is obvious that Sister White is  speaking about the SDA people […]

EVERY SDA’s needs to get this book!

Postad tisdagen den 9 juli 2019 04:11
What I am about to share is just a smattering of what's in the booklet titled "Reviving the Original Spirit of Prophecy Writings." The booklet consists of 79 pages that […]

SDA Leaders Claim Power to Change Christian Doctrine

Postad fredagen den 28 juni 2019 21:39
Notice right off what the Popes of Rome have been declaring for centuries regarding their so called infallible power to change God's Word and how they think doctrine is defined. […]

SDA Removed Loud Cry & 501c3 From GC

Postad fredagen den 21 juni 2019 22:53
1884 Great Controversy (Highlighted areas MISSING in 1888 GC) "As the time comes for the loud cry to be given, the Lord will work through humble instruments, leading the minds […]

SDA removed ANOTHER rebuke in the GC!

Postad onsdagen den 12 juni 2019 20:21
Notice what it says in the 1884 Great Controversy. "Chapter XXII. – Modern Revivals. The converts are not renewed in heart or changed in character. They do not renounce their […]

PROPHECY FULFILLING: Catholicism will be LAW in USA

Postad fredagen den 31 maj 2019 22:04
"At the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, Mulvaney said that principles of the Catholic faith are manifested within the Trump administration… The president has allowed us, Christians of […]

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