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Forthcoming: Explorations in Post-secular Metaphysics

Postad måndagen den 31 augusti 2015 21:53
"Questions regarding metaphysics and religion are undoubtedly back on the political-philosophical agenda. To anyone finding the contributions by Charles Taylor, John Milbank and William Connolly vital but convoluted, Josef Bengtson's Explorations in Post-secular Metaphysics is the answer. In clear and concise prose, and with critical drive, B [...]

Without metaphysics, there is only fideism

Postad fredagen den 22 november 2013 12:33
Meillassoux on why the contemporary end of metaphysics is nothing other than the victory of fideism:Whenever one claims to be carrying out a critique of 'metaphysico-religious' absolutes, one has in mind the critique of onto-theology insofar as the latter coincides with the critique of Judaeo-Christian theology's claim that its belief in a uniqu [...]

Charles Taylor on the reality of values

Postad onsdagen den 16 oktober 2013 11:10
"What is real is what you have to deal with, what won't go away just because it doesn't fit with your prejudices. By this token, what you can't help having recourse to in life is real, or as near to reality as you can get a grasp of at present. Your general metaphysical picture of "values" and their place in "reality" ought to be based on what yo [...]

The need for better stories

Postad söndagen den 6 oktober 2013 14:45
And so back to the moral world of Girls. What we need is not condemnation of Adam, or condemnation of Hannah for liking Adam, but better art and better stories—better fictional worlds, by which I mean fictional worlds that rhyme with what is the case, with what is true yesterday, today, and forever. Not the abolition of mythic sandboxes but the [...]

The superstitions of materialism

Postad tisdagen den 1 oktober 2013 09:09
"Beauty can be a startling reminder for those us who have sunk occasionally into the superstitions of materialism, that to see reality in purely mechanistic terms is not to see the real world at all, but only its shadow."- David Bentley Hart

The limits of secular discourse

Postad torsdagen den 22 augusti 2013 15:10
Stanley Fish recenserar Steven Smith's The Disenchantment of Secular Discourse It is not, Smith tells us, that secular reason can’t do the job (of identifying ultimate meanings and values) we need religion to do; it’s worse; secular reason can’t do its own self-assigned job — of describing the world in ways that allow us to move forward [...]

Om ateismens metafysik

Postad tisdagen den 20 augusti 2013 09:11
All of which is to say (to return to where I began) that it is absurd to think that one can profess atheism in any meaningful way without thereby assenting to an entire philosophy of being, however inchoate one’s sense of it may be. The philosophical naturalist’s view of reality is not one that merely fails to find some particular object withi [...]

Om skillnaden mellan "religiösa" och "sekulära" akademiska perspektiv

Postad onsdagen den 14 augusti 2013 17:47
"Another rationale for intentionally integrating both knowledge about religion and religious knowledge into the discipline of sociology follows from the observation that at least some schools of thought in our discipline unapologetically begin with particular intellectual and moral locations, commitments, presuppositions, and interests; some even [...]

Liberalismens dilemma

Postad fredagen den 9 augusti 2013 00:12
[In Charles Taylor’s Sources of the Self] he contends that the ethical-political pronouncements of our modern liberal selves involve quite high, universal standards of justice and benevolence, but that our disengaged understanding of human agency leaves us with no moral sources adequate to sustain the robust enactment of those standards. In sho [...]

Evangelium enligt Nietzsche

Postad torsdagen den 4 juli 2013 11:26
Through Christianity, the individual was made so important, so absolute, that he could no longer be sacrificed: but the species endures only through human sacrifice. All "souls" became equal before God: but this is precisely the most dangerous of all possible evaluations! If one regards individuals as equal, one calls the species into question, o [...]

Den övernaturliga naturen

Postad tisdagen den 25 juni 2013 13:45
Jag skrev en liten text i det senaste numret av Tidskriften Evangelium på temat avförtrollning. Den handlar om materialism och om hur det transcendenta har gjort comeback förstådd som universums inneboende kreativitet.Trevlig sommar!

The language of addiction

Postad måndagen den 1 april 2013 19:58
First Things har en intressant artikel (The Language of Addiction Takes Over) om hur missbruksterminologin sprungen ur AA och tolvstegsprogram vinner mark i amerikansk populärkultur.In some ways, this widespread fascination with recovery is encouraging. If the young hip kids of today are willing to embrace David Foster Wallace’s famous Betty Cro [...]

Milbank on Catholic vs. bourgeois piety

Postad onsdagen den 27 mars 2013 13:46
But surely, in the case of Christianity, the more authentically "Catholic" reality is the blend of the very sophisticated with the very popular - omitting the half-baked "bourgeois" mode of positivistic piety, prayer meetings, organizational obsession, and ill-informed, unimaginative Bible studies that waste the time one might spend having fun. Jo [...]

Läsvärt angående Thomas Nagels kritik av materialismen

Postad tisdagen den 19 mars 2013 22:32
Mycket läsvärd artikel i The Weekly Standard om kritikstormen kring Thomas Nagels bok Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False:Materialism, then, is fine as far as it goes. It just doesn’t go as far as materialists want it to. It is a premise of science, not a finding. Scientists do thei [...]

Omoderna föreställningar om "moderniteten"

Postad onsdagen den 13 mars 2013 12:41
Signum skriver intressant om Påven, journalisterna och ”moderniteten”: Det tycks bland journalister finnas ett fast och tämligen enhetligt begrepp om ”modernitet”. När företrädare för katolska kyrkan, och särskilt unga sådana, tillfrågas om vad de önskar av den nye påven leds de ständigt mot att säga att de önskar ”moderni [...]

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