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Bloggen lades upp den 26 september 2011 av S.L. Gabriel.

Swedish Immigrant -

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Jag är missionärsbarn och jag har bott i Singapore nästan hela mitt liv, men har nyligen flyttat tillbaka till Sverige. På min blogg kan ni följa mig och min färgstarka familj, mina kulturkrockar, personliga reflektioner om kyrkan, vardagen, mitt kristna liv, mitt jobb som blivande författare, och annat smått o gott. Titta gärna in!

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The Blue Coat

Postad fredagen den 5 februari 2016 15:38
I bought this wool coat in the secondhand shop in Vännäsby. The worst of the winter cold seems to have passed, and this coat is perfect for the middling snow. In related news, I'm wearing my grandmother's beret.


Postad lördagen den 12 december 2015 11:35
The day I took these pictures I learned a new word: my Cornish friend Mimi held out a hand to the rain and declared it a mizzle--somewhere between mist and a drizzle.  The poor, wet pigeon A walk along the River Avon   It was a cold, wet day, one of my last in Bath. I took a walk to say goodbye to the city. I find goodbyes just as import [...]

Not-So-Literary London

Postad tisdagen den 28 juli 2015 18:15
This is Ben Reeson. He's Australian, hence the troubled expression, and he possesses a strangely encyclopaedic knowledge of London architecture. Last year, I took him on a less-than-worthy tour of Singapore's grand marina, and on my recent trip to London, he showed me the highlights in a brisk caper through Buckingham, Whitehall, Southbank, and [...]

Dyrham Park

Postad tisdagen den 28 juli 2015 15:34
Technically I've had four housemates this year, two of which rarely occupy their rooms. While Rachel has been a constant, Yaya has been in London and Emily in Birmingham and beyond. On a rare occasion where (most of) our paths crossed, we decided on a picnic outing at Dyrham Park. Dyrham Park was partly closed due to renovations. Instead, specia [...]

Literary London

Postad tisdagen den 28 juli 2015 14:42
My friends, so many things have happened in the past few months. I have been everywhere from Durham to Wales, and have been visited by three ghosts a retinue of friends from Sweden and Singapore. Here. Look at my pictures. I went to London with my Londonian friend Katie. We stayed at her parents' house in Lewisham.  She comes from a very liter [...]


Postad lördagen den 16 maj 2015 23:41
My friend Hannah likes to draw. I asked her if she had any pictures she'd like to share, and here they are. My personal favourite is the girl with the umbrella. Perhaps a Singapore reimagined?

Welsh Wellies

Postad fredagen den 15 maj 2015 16:27
 This is one of my favourite pictures ever. This is Ben (left) and Harry (right) in a fish and chip shop in Oddown, looking over flyers for Bargain Booze. Ben is from Wales, and he represents England in clay pigeon shooting. I asked him why that was. "My mum is Welsh," he informed me. "My dad is English. When I was deciding which team to [...]

A Brighter Age

Postad torsdagen den 14 maj 2015 00:25
Sham ruins at Corsham. Every fashionable estate has them. Green haze of day You only come close because I feed you highland shortbread.   Katie, on a walk And the evening light

A Windy Day

Postad torsdagen den 14 maj 2015 00:08
 ...and my laundry's on the ground.

Before the Rain

Postad torsdagen den 14 maj 2015 00:06
 I can hear the rain on the kitchen roof.

Front Garden

Postad onsdagen den 13 maj 2015 23:53
As promised, here are the pictures of our front garden. It was a mess.  Weeds  And a few hours later... Done.

A Week in Pictures

Postad måndagen den 11 maj 2015 13:48
This is the sight that most usually greets me on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There are peacocks on the lawn of the manor, and in the spirit of spring, they are spreading their tailfeathers to attract the ladies. The peahens are generally less interested.  On Tuesday I took a walk around the grounds before my poetry class.  On Saturday, the e [...]


Postad fredagen den 10 april 2015 11:46


Postad fredagen den 10 april 2015 11:46
Again, more unpublished pictures from three months back.


Postad fredagen den 10 april 2015 11:45
I took these during winter but forgot to publish them. Hope you don't mind the delay.

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