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Wet t-shirt

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T-shirt care advice – Two methods
So, what to do if you encounter a wet t-shirt disturbance? Stay calm, we will help you out of this and we will also guide you on how to set the woman in safety, and then secure the wet t-shirt. 
We got two different methods to solve the problem with the wet t-shirt for you. Which method you choose is your choice and we take no responsibility for any consequences of that.

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Fix a wet t-shirt – Method 1
If your female friend, girlfriend, fiancee, or wife getting wet while she’s wearing her t-shirt you may as soon as possible make sure she can change to dry clothes. A thick and warm pullover will keep her warm.
Now when your female friend is safe you should take care of the t-shirt.

First of all, handwash the t-shirt in cold water for at least five minutes.
Let it rinse for another five minutes. Set the temperature of the rinse-water to 99.5 degrees (37,5 Celsius).
Carefully squeeze out most of the water from the t-shirt.
Place a towel on a table and then carefully lay down the t-shirt on that towel.
Wait for 45 minutes.
Place the t-shirt on a hanger and hang it in a spacy area where it can air-dry slowly. Let it hang overnight.
Take the t-shirt to a dry-cleaner.
After a day or two, the t-shirt should be ready to pick up and it may still look and smell like a worn t-shirt. But you did what you could.

Fix a wet t-shirt – Method 2

Just take some advantages from the situation and enjoy whatever you see in a wet t-shirt. She will take the t-shirt off when she starts to freeze. Just throw it away then and use your fantasy to keep her warm.
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