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Den palestinska dödskulten enligt premiärminister Muhammad Shtayyeh: "Martyrerna är hjältar... Deras blod är parfym, och deras själar svävar i paradiset tillsammans med de rättfärdiga och profeterna. De är smyckade med en hederskrona, och deras blod vattnar anemonerna som blommar i hela Palestina. ”

PA death worship: "Terrorists' "souls hover in Paradise... adorned with a crown of honor," says PA Prime Minister

Nan Jacques Zilberdik and Itamar Marcus | Jan 31, 2022

PA PM on terrorists killed during attacks: “The Martyrs are heroes... Their blood is perfume, and their souls hover in Paradise together with the righteous and the prophets. They are adorned with a crown of honor, and their blood waters the anemones that bloom in all of Palestine. ”
PA PM stresses: Paying families of dead terrorist “Martyrs” is “a moral commitment” for the PA
PA PM: Goal is to destroy Israel - “We’ve defeated all the invaders… we’ll defeat this hated occupation that will leave our land”

Speaking on behalf of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the Palestinian Martyrs’ Day ceremony in Ramallah, PA Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh stressed certain key issues in PA ideology that Palestinian Media Watch has continuously exposed:

Terrorists – be they imprisoned, released, or dead as “Martyrs” – are “heroes” and role models for PA society
Therefore the PA sees it as its duty and “moral commitment” to pay them salaries
The ultimate goal for the PA is Israel's destruction – “to defeat the invader”

The following are excerpts of Shtayyeh’s speech emphasizing these ideologies:
Terrorists killed during attacks - “Martyrs” in PA terminology - are “heroes… Their blood is perfume… They are adorned with a crown of honor”:

“Martyrdom is a medal of honor, and honor for those who were killed for the sake of God and the homeland. They are the symbol of heroism in dealing with the oppression, subjugation, and occupation. The Ma ... Läs mer...

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