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Tre terrorattacker och elva döda i Israel på en vecka

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Publicerad den 30 mars 2022 20:08. Läs inlägget på bloggen här.

Under den senaste veckan har elva personer dödats i terrorattacker i Israel.
Några artiklar som behandlar terrorattackerna och reaktionerna på dem:
'Israel is dealing with a new wave of terrorism' - Bennett (Jerusalem Post)
"Israel’s defense establishment will bolster troops with an additional 1,000 IDF forces as it prepares for a variety of violent scenarios following a spate of deadly attacks that claimed the lives of 11 Israeli in one week..."
Gantz pressured Abbas to condemn attack, threatened to pull planned Ramadan gestures (TOI)
"...Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s office passed along a “stern message” to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas urging him to condemn Tuesday night’s deadly terror attack in Bnei Brak, two officials familiar with the matter confirmed.
Less than an hour after receiving the message, Abbas issued a condemnation — a rare step that was not taken by the PA leader after terror attacks in Beersheba and Hadera that took over the past week..."

PMW unmasks Abbas’ lame “condemnation” (PMW)
"After the PA’s repeated calls for terror and the PA’s repeated support for terror, Arabs murder 11 people in 3 terror attacks in one week:
Sequence of events:
February: The PA, including Abbas, repeatedly calls for terror
March 1- 21: PA glorifies terrorists who died in terror attacks
March 22: Terrorist murders 4 in Be’er Sheva, PA openly praises him as “Martyr”
March 27: Terrorist murders 2 in Hadera, PA is silent
March 29: Terrorist murders 5 in Bnei Brak, Abbas forced to issue lame condemnation"

Abbas’ Fatah praises yesterday's terror attack: “We bow before you in honor and admiration” (PMW)
- “Mercy, pardon, and peace to your soul. We bow before you in honor and admiration. We promise you, heroic Martyr, that we are continuing until victory or Martyrdom, and the victory is indeed near, Allah willing”
- Murderer is “the symbol of heroism and self-sacrifice”
- “The arena of confrontation ... Läs mer...

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