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Palestinska myndigheten sänder barn i döden

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Publicerad den 25 november 2022 14:02. Läs inlägget på bloggen här.

 Här följer några artiklar och rapporter som visar hur den palestinska myndigheten hänsynslöst utnyttjar barnen för sina syften.
Special Report for UN World Children’s Day: How and why the PA kills its own children
The PA sends its children to be killed so that it can blame and demonize Israel before the international community. The UN and many governments fall into the PA trap and criticize Israel for killing Palestinian children - even though the PA sent the children to be killed. Were it not for international criticism of Israel, the PA would have no political benefit in killing their own children and Palestinian children’s lives would be saved.
Fatah turns murderers of babies into heroes for kids
For Fatah, the party of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, it is not sufficient to murder Jews. It is not even sufficient to glorify the terrorists who murdered Jews. For Fatah, it is no less important to poison the minds of young Palestinians, by turning such murderers into heroes, and enlisting kids to demonstrate solidarity with them.
PA urges youth to seek “Martyrdom-death,” which it presents as a “wedding”
While others would mourn, the PA revels in the death of Palestinian children and youth. As is being exposed daily this week by Palestinian Media Watch in honor of World Children’s Day, the PA actively encourages youth to seek death for “Palestine” and “Allah,” promoting it as a “wedding” to 72 Virgins in Paradise.
PA celebrates dead "children as a sacrifice for Jerusalem and the cause"
Palestinian children and youth are in grave danger. The PA has announced that it wants them dead – literally offered as “sacrifice for Jerusalem and the cause.”
Many of the terrorists who have been killed in recent terror attacks have come from the cities of Jenin and Nablus. To reinforce the terror and encourage more young people to seek Martyrdom, the PA produced and broadcast a filler on its official TV station showing funerals of dead terr ... Läs mer...

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