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Året som gick - utvalda artiklar från MEMRI

Ett inlägg från bloggen: ISRAELNYHETER

Publicerad den 3 januari 2023 13:01. Läs inlägget på bloggen här.

 MEMRI har vid årets slut valt ut några artiklar från året som gått. Topp- eller  bottennoteringar, i vilket fall som helst inget man läst i dagstidningarna.
Former Jordanian MP Tarek Khoury On Hizbullah TV: The Jews Killed Christ, Drove Nails Into His Arms And Legs; The Enmity Between Judaism And Christianity Is Eternal; Were Jesus Alive Today, He Would Lead The Intifada
Senior Hamas Official Mahmoud Al-Zahar: The Jews Were Banished From Every Country In The World, Sent To Palestine To Weaken Our Historic Islamic Movement; Ukraine Is A Jewish Country
Iraqi Islamic Scholar Fares Al-Azawi On Hamas TV: The Killing Of Six Million Jews In The Holocaust Is A Myth; The Nuremberg Trials Were A Sham; The Zionists Colluded With The Nazis
Palestinian Islamic Jihad Official Bassam Al-Agha: Arab Schools Should Teach The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion; Students Should Learn How The Jews Think
Friday Sermon At The Grand Mosque In Mecca By Imam Saleh Bin Al-Humayd: Oh Allah, Annihilate The Jews; We Take Refuge With Allah Against Their Evil
Indonesia-Based Islamic Scholar Dr. Quds Al-Samaraai: Allah Likened The Jews To Apes And Pigs To Teach Us That Only Force Is Effective Against Them
PA Presidential Advisor Al-Habbash Defends Mahmoud Abass's "50 Holocausts" Comment: He Was Speaking On Behalf Of Us All; We Are The Real Semites, The History Of The Jews Is Fabricated
Syrian Israeli Affairs Expert Muhammad Nasour: The Number Of Jewish Deaths In The 'So-Called' Holocaust Is Grossly Inflated; The Zionists Were Behind The Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki
Released Hamas Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi, Who Participated In The Jerusalem Sbarro Pizzeria Bombing Where Dozens Were Killed And Wounded: This Operation Is "The Crown On My Head... I Joined The Annals Of History By Committing The Best Act"
Pro-Palestinian Rally In Brussels: Rise Up, Throw Stones, Shoot Bullets – The Palestinians Will Redeem Themselves! The Israeli Ambassador Should Be Afraid; Israel Will Be Defeated, Along Wit ... Läs mer...

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