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Gaza - ord från invånare

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Publicerad den 30 januari 2023 13:01. Läs inlägget på bloggen här.

Intervjuer med personer från Gaza.
All interviews were conducted over the course of 2022.
The Palestinian speakers, all of whom currently reside in Gaza, describe arbitrary arrests, extortion, and violence by Hamas authorities. Some express longing for the time before Hamas seized power in a coup against the Palestinian Authority in 2007, when they were freer to express themselves and pursue a life path they chose. (The PA held partial authority in Gaza from 1994 under the Oslo Accords. Israel maintained overall control of the Strip until 2005, when it dismantled its 21 settlements there, evicted their 9,000 Israeli Jewish residents, and withdrew unilaterally to pre-1967 lines.)
According to CPC president Joseph Braude, the series “challenges those who justify Hamas violence to choose between supporting Hamas and supporting the Palestinians it oppresses. At the same time, it challenges those opposing Hamas to recognize that countless Gazans want a brighter and more peaceful future, and ask what can be done to empower them.”
Introducing ‘Whispered in Gaza’ — 25 short, animated interviews on life under Hamas
What’s life like under Hamas? ‘Whispered in Gaza’ offers unique, courageous testimony
‘Whispered in Gaza, Part 2’: When residents of the Strip tried to challenge Hamas
Darkest tragedy, unrealized dreams: ‘Whispered in Gaza,’ the final interviews
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