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Publicerad den 21 mars 2023 19:07. Läs inlägget på bloggen här.

 Röster från arabvärlden översatta av MEMRI
Article In Qatari Daily Incites To Terror Attacks Against Israelis: Surround Them, Pursue Them, 'Make It So That They Will Never Be Safe – Not In Jerusalem, Not In Tel Aviv'
In his March 12, 2023 column in Qatar's Al-Watan daily, titled "The Time Has Come For You To Get Out," Palestinian journalist Samir Al-Barghouti, who frequently writes in favor of armed struggle against Israel, stated that it was time to expel the Israelis "from Huwara to Tel Aviv...  from the river to the sea," and to fight them in brigades and with lone attackers.
Stressing that "people who sacrifice themselves are about to emerge from all the villages and the cities and from every neighborhood and street," he wrote: "Make it so that they will never be safe – not in Jerusalem, not in Tel Aviv, and not in their settlements."
In conclusion, he addressed the Israelis, saying: "We will fight [you] as long as we live, and you will never enjoy a good life on land that rejects you."
Hamas Daily: An Outsider Cannot Understand The Intensity Of A Palestinian's Joy At News Of A Terror Attack Against Israelis
On March 12, 2023, the Felesteen daily, which is identified with the Hamas movement, published an article titled "Deliverers of Joy – About the Younger Generation in the West Bank" praising terror attacks carried out by young West Bank Palestinians against Israelis. The article, written by Abdallah Al-Lidawi[1] and also published on the website of Hamas's military wing, 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, describes the rising joy and adrenalin that erupt in the Palestinian street following every terror attack against Israelis, such as suicide attacks and bombings of buses and cafes, and states that these operations are proof of the vitality, power, and glory of the Palestinian people. This joy, he writes, has a "special fragrance" and is expressed by people exclaiming in happiness and praise, gathering in public squares and streets, passing out swe ... Läs mer...

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