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Stages to Freedom

Ett inlägg från bloggen: Menneskedagbok - Tanker og erfaringer i livet med en beundret Far!

Publicerad den 21 februari 2014 13:01. Läs inlägget på bloggen här.

I dag hørte jeg et dikt som gjorde sterkt inntrykk på meg. Diktet er skrevet avDietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945), en luthersk teolog og prest som kjempet imot Nazi-regimet i Tyskland. Kampen hans mot regimet og for frihet kostet ham tilslutt sitt eget liv. Dette diktet, som så nøyaktig uttrykker noe av det jeg har gått og tenkt på en stund, skrev han mens han satt i fengselet i Berlin-Tegel mens han ventet på å dø:Stages to FreedomDiscipline.When you set out to seek freedom, you must learn before all things thediscipline of your senses and your soul, so that your cravings and your limbs do not lead you astray. Your spirit and your body shall be chaste, subject to you alone, and obedient to seek the goal that has been set. Nobody experiences the mystery of freedom unless through discipline.Action.Do, and dare to do, not what is arbitrary, but what is right. Do not linger in possibilities, bravely grasp what is real.Freedom does not reside in the flight of thoughts, but only in action.Step out of fearful hesitation into the storm of events,supported only by God's commandment and by your faith,and freedom will cheerfully receive your spirit.Suffering.Wondrous transformation. Your strong, active hands have been bound. Powerless and lonely, you perceive the end of your deeds. And yet you breathe a sign of relief, and you place what is rightinto a stronger hand, calmly and patiently, and you are content.Only for one moment you blissfully touched freedom,then you handed it over to God, so that He may gloriously complete it.Death [and resurrection].Come now, highest celebration on the way towards eternal freedom,death, put down the heavy chains and wallsof our transient life and our deluded soul,so that we may finally behold what we are not given the chance to see here.Freedom, we sought you long in discipline, action and suffering.Dying, we now recognise you in God's countenance.#dikt #bonhoeffer #teolog #frihet #freed ... Läs mer...

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